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Featured Articles

Non-Denominational Denominationalism

ChoiceThe idea of being non-denominational seems to be quite appealing to many these days. In our area alone there are several Churches that make this claim and them seem to have a popular following. As with so many things, this movement has made a specific appeal and established a specific platform. Their platform seems to be "we are not like the other denominations", we are "new and different". Unfortunately, every “new Church” established makes this plea. The truth of the matter is: most, if not all, non-denominational Churches are simply a denomination all to themselves. I want to explore some characteristics of this "non-denominational" approach to denominationalism and prove that being simply non-denominational is not enough to please God! By definition, to denominate something, simply means to name parts of a whole, which of course results in a division of the whole.  

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"The Writing On The Wall" Part 2

the writing on the wallIn part one of this article, we examined an event in the book of Daniel regarding the Babylonian king Belshazzar and how God warned him of his demise by a miraculous event. A hand wrote on the wall the fate of Belshazzar and how he would meet his doom because of his irreverence toward God and disregard for His house. We noted that this is where the phrase,"the writing on the wall" originated. This phrase is normally used to refer to perceiving the inevitable. We have applied the saying to specific subjects by which we should be able to "see the writing on the wall," referring of course, to what God has revealed by His word. You see, by His word He has written on the wall to us and the question was presented, why don't we see "the writing on the wall"? We want to continue our thoughts by making a couple more applications.

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"The Writing On The Wall" Part 1

the writing on the wallThe phrase “the writing on the wall” is normally prefaced by the word “see” in it’s many forms, usually referring to something that is predicted or predictable. For example, “he should have seen the writing on the wall and got out when he had the chance” or “this (whatever this is) could have been avoided if they had just paid attention to the writing on the wall.” The phrase originated from an event recorded by the prophet Daniel with the Babylonian king Belshazzar (Dan 5:1-30).

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"Becoming Official Christians"

Official- something or someone prescribed or recognized as authorized...

 I had the opportunity in the past to pose a question to a group of young Christians. The question was, how many of them believed they were sinners (condemned to eternal punishment) before they obeyed the gospel of Christ? I was surprised to find that only one of a group of about 15 answered “yes” to the question. I then proceeded to view some scriptures that told of our condition before we become Christians (Romans 3:23; 5:8-10) etc... After looking at passages only two more acknowledged that they had previously been sinners before obeying the gospel and were condemned to eternal punishment if they had not. I must tell you I was somewhat shocked to say the least. I must also say that further examination and conversation did not convince them that they, as well as all men are  in desperate need of a saviour before they become Christians through obedience to the gospel of Christ.

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