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Featured Articles

"Becoming Official Christians"

Official- something or someone prescribed or recognized as authorized...

 I had the opportunity in the past to pose a question to a group of young Christians. The question was, how many of them believed they were sinners (condemned to eternal punishment) before they obeyed the gospel of Christ? I was surprised to find that only one of a group of about 15 answered “yes” to the question. I then proceeded to view some scriptures that told of our condition before we become Christians (Romans 3:23; 5:8-10) etc... After looking at passages only two more acknowledged that they had previously been sinners before obeying the gospel and were condemned to eternal punishment if they had not. I must tell you I was somewhat shocked to say the least. I must also say that further examination and conversation did not convince them that they, as well as all men are  in desperate need of a saviour before they become Christians through obedience to the gospel of Christ.

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"Passing The Buck"

passing the buck 2“Passing the Buck” is an old army phrase which was used when someone dodged responsibility by passing it up the line to ones superiors or down the line to ones subordinates. This process could also be called the “blame game.” It simply is placing responsibility for our mistakes, shortcomings, or situations on someone or something else.  People “pass the buck” today about almost everything. This game is played quite frequently in our country and society as a whole, for example...

The lack of academic excellence among students is blamed on the educational system... 

  • The increase in violence among young people is blamed on television, video games, music and many other things...
  • The alleged lack of “success” or “progress” among black people is blamed on white people...
As sad as “Passing the Buck” is in the above areas, the most tragic or consequential aspect of passing the buck is when this game is played in spiritual matters. When one passes the buck in these matters, the consequences are eternal!

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"The Fallacy Of Emotionalism" Pt 2

emotionalismIn our last article we made the important point that this discussion is not about the fallacy of emotions but of emotionalism. As noted, God created man with emotions. However, emotions become fallacious when they serve as the sole or primary guide in decision-making and more importantly, serve as the standard of authority, guidance, and adherence in spiritual matters. In this article we want to examine some of the ways emotionalism has adversely affected people's faith and obedience to Him...

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"The Fallacy Of Emotionalism" Pt 1

emotionalismThe first thing that must be established pertaining to this article is that it is not a discussion about the “Fallacy of Emotions”. We must invariably understand that God gave emotions to man. The scriptures teach us that man was created in the image of God (Genesis 1:26-27). We were created as a thinking rational being who posses a free will and are able to choose between good and evil. This was first revealed to us in the Garden of Eden when God commanded man to eat of every tree in the garden except the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. He was given the opportunity to obey his creator and had the ability to choose right or wrong (Genesis 3:1-8). Decisions can and should be based upon the careful consideration of whatever facts are present. Emotions properly controlled are a result of the facts that are assessed and the decisions based on those facts. Of course the decision others make beside us also generate emotions, some good and some bad.  This is why it is imperative that we make decisions and judgments based on God’s word and according to what He desires of us...

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